About Us

Here at Krist Kreate we offer the ability for creators to produce content onto VHS. 

Why VHS?  In 2020 it's hard to stand out in a populated market of content creators. This rare medium can be a way to connect to your fans, consumers, etc., and show that you care about the small details. Like artists sell vinyl and cassettes on their online stores, why not sell VHS? 

How can VHS tapes be used? There are many applications for VHS tapes. Musicians can produce tapes for music videos, documentaries, live concerts, and more. This is a great product to have alongside merch on a website. They can be used for promotion, as well as many other applications. Film production companies can also use this service to sell their films, create limited edition copies and more. 

Why do people love VHS? The nostalgic feeling that someone gets from VHS is priceless. Although, quality is not 4k, quite the opposite, the quality and visuals of film on VHS can't be beat. For fans and consumers, having a physical copy of modern content brings a experience like no other. We would love to help you bring this experience to life. 

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